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Happy Birthday, waffle-butt! by CharlyDasher Happy Birthday, waffle-butt! :iconcharlydasher:CharlyDasher 10 3 Blackjack's riddled ass by CharlyDasher
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Blackjack's riddled ass :iconcharlydasher:CharlyDasher 21 9
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CharlyDasher's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hello, everyone! My name's CharlyDasher. I am a writer with big ambitions for the future who also likes playing computer games, listening to music and fooling around in Garry's Mod a lot.

Well, let me tell you a few words about myself.

My favourite cartoon series are My Little Pony, All dogs go to heaven and Tutenstein. I'm also a gamer and I really love games of GTA, Portal and Half-Life series. I also like Bioshock Infinite. And Team Fortress 2! (How about playing together one day?)

My current biggest projects (fanfics) are "Aperture S. – Rattmann’s memoirs", "Johnson Innovators" (both related to the video game Portal 2) and "Radioactivity" (a big pony fanfic which is planned to be a long, great (and of course incredibly interesting!) postapocalyptical novel, that won’t be worse than famous Fallout: Equestria! At least I hope it won’t be…

I also have an OC. His name is Golden Sky. He’s a pegasus with a golden body, and red (with a black stripe) mane and tail. His eyes’ color is crimson and his cutiemark is a scroll with a quill. The second OC is Golden Bullet who basically is Sky's R63 version but a cutiemark (three golden bullets, pretty obvious, isn't it?). Much more bold, naughty and vulgar (close to Rainbow Dash) due to most of her life spent in FoE postapocalyptic universe. OCs' origin is unknown but it has something to do with the Lutece twins))

Avatar was made by :iconmourning-dreams: and can be found here:…

American English language level EXPERT by TheFlagandAnthemGuy Russian language level NATIVE by TheFlagandAnthemGuy French language level RANDOM WORDS by TheFlagandAnthemGuy

Steam Stamp by Jokester7625 Half-Life 2 stamp by Bourbons3 Portal Stamp by JourneytoRevenge Team Fortress 2 Stamp by JourneytoRevenge Bioshock Stamp by JourneytoRevenge

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Happy Birthday, waffle-butt!
Happy Birthday, Spectty!  :iconspectty:  birthday cakeAirborne
I wish you everything good, more friends, joy, happiness, money and everything else!
You had a pretty funny ask-blog, and I hope that one day you'll get back to it! (… - for those who is interested).
Good luck, dude!

P.S. - I simply loved your hot-ass OC! :D (Big Grin) 

The same poster but without smoke and a scorch mark on Spectty's rump can be found here:

Spectty: *approaches Lyra and Bon Bon* Hello, gals! Who wants a waffle? Get it for free from my rump!
Lyra: Ehm... No, thanks.
Bon Bon: What?! NO! Deffinetly not me!
Spectty: Oh... *instantly becoming sad* Why does no pony what to eat it? What's wrong with this waffle? It seems like I'll never get rid of it 'cause of this stupid anon magic!
Trixie: Hi, Spectrum, how are you?
Spectty: Oh, hi, Trixie! Do you want a waffle?
Trixie: Yes. But not the one that's on your butt.
Spectty: Oh, how come!
Trixie: Let me guess... Did you offer those two mares to do the same?
Spectty: And how did you know?
Trixie: Because it's something you've been asking anypony in the town to do since last thursday.
Spectty: I just want this waffle to get off my ass! It's becoming pretty annoying! *suddenly grins* Though, I look sexier with it, don't you think?
Trixie: Yeah, whatever. May I ask you a question, why is there a burn mark on your left buttock?
Spectty: Oh, that... Well, I noticed that the waffle wasn't toasty enough back then so I kinda wanted to roast it a bit with a lightning bolt. I flew to a stormcloud, hit it with my back hooves, puffed out my butt and...
Trixie: ...And?
Spectty: Well, the lightning kinda struck me in the wrong buttock. He-he!
Trixie: Hurts? Because it looks like it does: it's still smoking.
Spectty: It did actually! What about now, I don't think that after that much time... *tries touching his plot with left wing* Yeouch! Okay, it still hurts! Ouch! Not that I din't like it, though, he-he! Just... gonna have some problems with sitting, ya know.
Trixie: Dat unlucky stallion you are, huh? Having a plane crashed in your house in Mainhattan and such. But you know, you did it wrong.
Spectty: What do you mean?
Trixie: Talking with mares. You should've said something like: 'G'day, ladies! I may offer you a choice of choosing between a tasty waffle and a scorched but delicious bun! Which one would you prefer?' and show them your butt.
Spectty: That's... That's actually a very good idea, Trixie! Gonna try it on that mare! *Trixie looks rather shocked while seeing famailiar brown pony running away*
Trixie: Spectrum, wait! It was a joke! You can't honestly believe that... *looks at Spectty showing his rear to Twilight Sparkle* works. Probably you can. *facepalms* What a clown!

My Little Pony: copyright by Hasbro
SFM: copyright by Valve
Ask-that-brown-pony Tumblr ask-blog belongs to Spectty
Blackjack's riddled ass
Because Blackjack is stupid and is not my favorite pony)
I remember that someone wanted to see her ass riddled with bullets. Well... now you can. I guess. Enjoy.

Glory: Blackjack, of course it was very noble of you to rush ahead and puff your rump out in front of a turret so that we could run past it without catching bullets and deactivate the security systems but...
BJ: Yeouch!
Glory: was a little bit unnecessary. P-21 had a few impulse granades with him and he could do the same thing without you getting hurt.
P-21: Yep, I could.
BJ: Well, what do you want? I'm a stupid pony, ya know. Ouch!
Glory: This is NOT an excuse! One day you're going to kill yourself if you continue living like that!
BJ: Ouch! Who knows, who knows...
Glory: I DO! And I'm pretty sure it CAN happen! And PLEASE stop fidgeting! I'm trying to put stitches on your wounds!
BJ: Hey! What can I do if my shot rump hurts like Tartarus!
Glory: Still... thanks. I'm in debt with you. Again. Not even sure which time it is.
BJ: Yeouch! No problem, Glory. I'm just trying to be better. Do it better. Ouch! Damn! It really hurts...
P-21: To learn how to better catch bullets with your ass, I suppose?
Glory: P-21!
P-21: What? I noticed she does it better now!
BJ: Then when? You mean, since I caught the first bullet in my ass from you when we left Stable 99?
P-21: Well... ehm... Yeah, I think that was me. He-he.
BJ: Glad you still remember it. Yeouch!
P-21: So... *looking at the screwdriver in Glory's right wing which turned out to be a better surgical instrument in this case than scalpels* Like being screwed?
Glory: P-21!
P-21: What! It was a joke!
BJ: Ha. Ha. Ha... Ouch!
P-21: Wait, here comes the secong one! Blackjack is riddled about how her butt became riddled! Ha-ha-ha! *looking at frowned Glory* What? This one was a funny joke!
Glory: Yeah... surely... only till YOU get shot in your own buttocks. You know, P-21, this medical screen stands there for a reason!
BJ: Yeouch! Well, that joke was kinda fun actually...
P-21: I could also joke that it has probably become that time of the month again judging by the blood that... *notices that Glory started frowning at him much more* No! I... I... I didn't mean you, Glory! I... well... You know, Blackjack is a mare and... Oh... No, I wasn't saying that you're not a mare... oh! *starts blushing* well... ehem, I think I... I just... he-he! I think I have some work to do! Yeah! Right now! Gonna go!
Glory: *sighs* Sometimes P-21 behaves like a complete jerk.
BJ: Yeah. Sometimes. I don't think... Yeouch! ... that we should blame him for that. Don't forget how he was treated back in 99.
Glory: Yes. I suppose you're right.
BJ: At least sometimes I can be right, huh? Ouch! Hey! Carefully, please!
Glory: Blackjack, I've made a painkiller injection and I even allowed you to drink whiskey during the operation as an extra analgetic! And for your information, I'm doing it very carefully!
BJ: My ass hurts! Okay, give me that! *grabs screwdriver from Glory's wings and levitates it wuth magic* Okay. Slowly. But surely. First we need to find the damn bullet... Let's image that my buttocks are buns with raisins. And I hate raisins, so I have to pick out every. Single. One. Yes, here's the bullet... Now slowly... trying to... pick it up. Ouch! C'mon! Get... out of there! Come on! Ouch! Here we go. Phew! Minus one. Should've done it on my own since the beggining. So... how many are left?
Glory: Three more.
BJ: You're gonna be kidding me! Still a butt that looks like a sieve is a sexy butt, right? The only drawback is that I won't be able to sit for a week...

My Little Pony: copyright by Hasbro
SFM: copyright by Valve
Fallout Equestria: written by Kkat
Fallout Equestria - Project Horizons: written by Somber
Happy pegasi
A request for :iconyangiscool:
Just a cute little scene featuring Rainbow Dash, Soarin and Scootaloo being happy together Meow :3
Hope you liked it! :) (Smile)

My Little Pony: copyright by Hasbro
SFM: copyright by Valve
Hurry up, Rainbow! [take 2]
Rainbow: Okay, I'm leaving... The loo is free. *Dash exits the outhouse. Scootaloo quickly sneaks past her and Twilight*
Twilight: HEY! And what does this suppose to mean, little?! It's now my turn!
Scootaloo: Sorry, Twi! I'll be quick, I promise! *The door closes*
Twilight: AS IF! Let me in! Right. This. Moment! *Twilight starts banging the door*
Flash: I will bear it... I will bear it... I will bear it...

Another request for :iconbrony250: which basically is the same art as this… but with a few alterations. The action takes place right after that one.
As the entire scenebuild is the same as well as the plot, I decided not to name it differently but as "take 2". OMG! SFM ponies' legs are SO difficult to be made crossed and not to be made look absolutely broken at the same time!

My Little Pony: copyright by Hasbro
SFM: copyright by Valve
Hurry up, Rainbow!
Twilight: Hurry up, Rainbow! You're not the only one who's in a severe need of a restroom!
Rainbow: You're gonna wait till I'm done in here.
Twilight: I'm gonna wet my pants if you are in there for too long!
Rainbow: He-he, you don't wear pants, Twilight.
Twilight: You know perfectly well what I mean! Now let me in! Right. This. Moment!
Rainbow: Okay, okay... Hmm... It will be very awkward if you piss youself in front of your boyfriend, huh?
Flash: No! Because that's what will happen with both of us if you stay there all day long!
Rainbow: Okay, okay! Fine! I'm leaving... Next time, Twilight, make sure, AJ brings another toilet! And make sure no one drinks any cider before we're competing in a drinking cider competition!
Flash: If I'd known you were both competing, I wouldn't have drinken any cider at all!

A request for :iconbrony250: which took me the whole month to make. Sorry for the delay)) Got carried away a bit with scenebuildSweating a little... Hope you like the outcome!

My Little Pony: copyright by Hasbro
SFM: copyright by Valve


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